Step by Step Guide to Take Care of Curly Bob Wigs

We all know that curly hair is one such trend which is in fashion for the last so many decades. It is just a timeless classic look which you can wear in all seasons and on any occasion. Some of the women have a straight or wavy hair texture and they always wish to have their hairs curl. Constant hair curling with a tool can damage your hair roots. Therefore, looking for the best quality of curly bob wigs is the best option for you.

But if you want the curly bob wigs to stay with you for long years, it is important to give it the care and maintenance which it needs the most. Right through this guide, we will let you know about a few of the important tips which you need to consider when it comes to taking care of curly bob wigs. Let’s have a look below:

Step no 1 – Section your Hair

The first thing which you need to consider is to section the hair into the separation portions. If you feel that the curly is having tight and small ringlets, you should separate the hair into smaller sections. But if your curly wig is having larger and looser curls, then you should be separating them into the hair of larger sections.

Step no 2 – Spraying the Detangling Mist

In the next step, you have to lightly do the spray over each of the sections with the detangling mist. In case you are working with the synthetic curly wig, you have to use the products for the synthetic hair.

Step no 3 – Gently Start Brushing the Hair

For removing the tangles, you have to brush the curls. But make sure you use the comb with the wide-tooth. Hairbrushes or the one which is regular combs will be ruining the curls by leaving the wigs in the shedding and frizzy state.

Step no 4 – Restoring the Curls

Once you have removed the knots or tangles from the wig, now it’s time when you should be restoring the curls. By doing so, you will be able to restore the wig into the original style. Based on which type of curl you have or the wig you are using, you should be separating the hair into various sections. If you have tighter curls, then you should opt for smaller sections, and the loose curls, smaller sections will work best.

Step no 5 – Storing your wig with great care

The last step is about giving your wig all the care and attention. You have to make sure that all wigs have been detangled with all knots. Be careful when removing the wig from the top head so the curls will stay in one place. You have to make it lie down flat in some boxes for the proper storage and maintenance. Keeping it in a plastic bag will keep it away from the dust. You should avoid throwing it on the floor because it can ruin its whole shape.

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