Shipping Policies

Shipping time varies by location. These are our estimates:

Location *Estimated Shipping Time
Standard shipping time:
United States: 7-25 Business days
Canada: 15-30 Business days
United Kingdom,Europe (Belarus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine,Malta,Portugal, Reunion, Slovakia, Slovenia): 15-30 Business days
Australia, New Zealand: 15-30 Business days
Mexico, Central America : 15-30 Business days
Brazil, South America( Chile, Argentina, Peru ): 15-45 days
Asia (Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea,Philippines,Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates): 10-30 Business days
Africa(South Africa) : 15-45 Business days
Other country: Normally 25-45 days to reach
Expedited shipping time : 7-14 Business days

If your country not including in above, please contact us for asking.

*This doesn’t include our 2-5 day processing time.

When you place an order we will immediately send you the confirmation email with order number and order status link.Your order status will be available 48 hours after your order has been placed , by simply clicking on the “Order Status Link” which you received in your order confirmation email.From there, you will be able to view information about your order.

Return shipping charges are to be paid by the customer. For example if you received your item with free shipping , upon exchange, the customer must pay to have the item reshipped , despite the price of the item.

Estimated shipment dates are not guaranteed. will not be responsible for delays in delivery due to events beyond its control, including shortage of materials, labor strikes, transportation failures, terrorist act or threat, civil war, civil unrest or riot, fire, flood, earthquake, unusually sever weather, or serious accident, or acts of God, inability to fulfill customs requirements (for international orders) or licenses, or for inability to complete the order due to product unavailability.

Buyer must examine the Products immediately upon receipt for any material non-conformances. If Buyer believes any Product does not materially conform, or is missing, Buyer must notify within thirty (24) hour via email from the date of delivery while providing written justification including any information concerning damaged Product (e.g. scan or .JPG image electronic photo via email ). will work with all law enforcement agencies including the Secret Service and any other department to validate or help in preventing FRAUDULENT use of credit cards and or checks! require anyone who uses a different “Ship to” and “Bill To” address to send us a email on and attached a letter from credit card owner with signature and credit card number authorizing the transaction and a scan photo copy of both sides of credit card.After receiving satisfactorily proof of ownership for your credit card will ship the requested products to our customers.

Yes. When you place your order, you are responsible for paying for any assessed duties and taxes.