How You Can Wash Synthetic Short Curly Wigs?

With time, the trends of beauty are changing all the time. We all know that constant use of hair styling tools can damage the hair roots due to which the trend of using wigs has become the main talk of the town. You can get hair wigs according to the texture of your natural hair which you can later on style with different accessories and hairstyles of your wish.

But as you choose short curly wigs, you need to give it the best care and maintenance as well. It is just the care and maintenance with which a wig will stay with you intact for long years. But how is it possible? Here we are sharing a guide with you to make you know how to wash synthetic short curly wigs easily at home:

Steps to Wash Synthetic Short Curly Wigs at Home

By taking care of your wig, there are high chances that you can prolong the survival time of your wig very easily. You have to store and maintain it in excellent condition. As we all know that synthetic wigs are manufactured through fine plastic filaments. They are not of high quality as human hair. But they have the stiffness in them to hold the styles with ease.

Step 1: Comb the wig to remove knot and tangles

First of all, you have to brush the fibers out of the synthetic curly wig during the washing process. Don’t forget to brush the wig for removing the knots of tangles in the wig. You have to brush it before and after the washing process.

Make sure that you are brushing the wig with the wide-tooth brush and be gentle with the wig. You have to start combing it in a downward motion. And then you have to move slowly into the roots of your wig.

Step 2: Wash it in a bathtub by adding shampoo

2nd step is about water and using the shampoo. You have to fill the bathtub or sink with warm water. Make sure that the water temperature is mild because high temperature can damage the wig texture. Submerge it into the water with care one by one. You can also wash the wig by keeping it stored in a cap.

After washing it in the water tub remove the wig and add shampoo to it. Distribute the shampoo evenly so that the wig is covered in it from head to root.

Step 3: Rinse it and let it get dry completely

Now you have to rinse it to get it dry completely. After applying shampoo to the wig and cap, you have to rinse it with cold water. Water should follow in the direction which starts from the top and ends on the tip. By letting the water flow in all directions, you can face the tangling.


Giving your curly wig proper care is extremely important for essential detailing. Follow the tips which we have discussed above will let your wig looks natural and healthy all the time.

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